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DFIR Stream 0x2 announced "Securing the IoT: Harnessing Deep Learning for Robust and Interpretable Intrusion Detection" by Antonio Montieri and Domenico Ciuonzo

In recent years, IoT traffic proliferation has been exponential and is poised for further escalation. With IoT devices being vulnerable targets for cyber-attacks, there is an urgent need for advanced and robust security tools in this vertical. Deep learning (DL) methods show promise for developing network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs) tailored to this challenge Read More

DFIR Stream 0x1 announced "Principles and Practice of Software Forensics" by Bob Zeidman, President of Zeidman Consulting

Software copyright infringement and trade secret theft are problems of growing concern. Software code theft may be purposeful to gain an unfair advantage over a competitor, or it may be unintended as when a programmer takes code from one project and uses it in another project without first obtaining the appropriate rights Read More

CFTIC 2022 Calls for Papers: 2nd International Workshop on Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigations Challenges, October 10-11, 2022.

The main motivation for this Workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on cyber forensics and threat investigations for emerging infrastructures to disseminate current research issues and advances. Original technical papers describing new, state-of-the-art research, will be considered. The Workshop welcomes submissions that evaluate existing research results by reproducing experiments. The aim of this workshop is to provide insight for the discussion of the major research challenges and achievements on various topics of interest. Read More

Call For Tutorials: ACFTI Training School October 2022

The first edition of the ACFTI training school aims to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research as well as the professional best practices in cyber forensics and threat investigations and related fields. The tutorials will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of real cyber forensics and threat investigation problems. Read More

USW Cybersecurity Academics receive Google Award for Advancing Research on Cloud-based Technologies for Teaching IoT Security

The search engine giant is investing in cutting-edge research to be conducted in the department of cybersecurity of the University of South Wales, with which it will be able to promote teaching and research initiatives in pursuit of Internet of Things security and virtualization in the cloud. Read More

Understanding the Real Threat of Ransomware

The Information Security Media Group (ISMG) conducted a video interview with the cybersecurity specialist Prof. John Walker on hacking attacks and techniques. Read More

Best Paper Award Winners at ACFTI Workshop 2021

Two papers were selected for this award. An evaluation committee considered the originality and significance of the papers as well as the presentations in determining the winners. These best paper awards are sponsored by our industrial partner "Belkasoft Inc.". Read More


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